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 Photo: Mark Lipczynski

Nancy Henderek

Photo: Costin Radu

Photo: Stuttgart Ballet

Every year the city of Houston hosts the world’s most renowned dancers in a festival showcasing the best of dance around the world. Dance Salad is not just another gala with an endless accumulation of pas de deux. These carefully curated and manicured performances are best compared to an art gallery, featuring the best that dance has to offer. Dance Salad is to the dancer what a famous New York Art gallery is to the painter, a place to showcase your art in the best of surroundings.

Nancy Henderek, Producer, Director, Founder of Dance Salad Festival (in the organization of the Houston International Dance Coalition), has created the concept of Dance Salad Festival in 1992. She has produced, directed and co-choreographed the first three Dance Salad Festival productions in Brussels, Belgium. When she moved back to Houston, she brought the »Salad« with her, making Houston a city where you can see great contemporary international

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Jump*: What were the biggest problems you encountered when organising the festival for the first time?

N. Henderek: The first Dance Salad was created in Brussels, Belgium, when I was the Choreographer in Residence at the International School. I decided to put on a »show« with professionals in the community that I knew through different Dance Studios and Dance companies in Belgium. Dance Salad was born with 3 shows and 3 years later, I moved to Houston and started this festival here.

Jump*: What is your main goal by organising Dance Salad Festival?

N. Henderek: Dance Salad Festival is where we can give and share art and what it brings to people, the key is the curation of each piece by piece to achieve, a whole, like a recipe or an art exhibit, where each ingredient is part of the picture and performance curates itself.

Jump*: Your husband is very present at your side, what is his role in the organisational process?

N. Henderek: Michael helps with the financial side of managing the Festival and is also indispensable during a very demanding production week and takes care of many hands on assignments from feeding a crew and cast to organising receptions and cast parties.

Jump*: Are there any projects that you are working on or would like to create in the future other than, or parallel to Dance Salad Festival?

N. Henderek: Not right now, too busy with Dance Salad Festival.

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 Photo: Erik Berg

The Art Gallery of Dance